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Coming soon!

Waratah Seed is Australia’s 1st Ride-Share with the 1st Australian-built industry & commercially – focused 6U satellite.

Funded by the NSW government, Waratah Seed is a pilot space qualification project to launch NSW-developed space technology into orbit to test and prove functionality. The project is focused on developing  the NSW space sector in particular, and the Australian space industry as a whole.

Join the ride!

Waratah Seed is looking for payloads, mostly instrument / subsystem hardware, but also software and services. The selection process includes two routes:

  • A selection competition which will run among all NSW space industry-led teams, startups and SMEs, to attract up to five winning payload teams of total volume 1.5U (moderate TRL ³4;
  • A selection among commercial clients from the industry, academia, government, and combinations to attract payloads of total volume up to 3U.

Both routes will be ranked and selected using various criteria.

The payloads will be selected by October 2021 for the launch in September 2022.

More information on the ride-share selection process will be made available soon.

Join the excitement!

We will be looking for sponsors to support the ride of our winning payloads.

Become a sponsor of the Waratah Seed share-ride project and help build Australia’s Space Industry! Our sponsors will enjoy the exciting experience and strategic benefits of being involved with the space industry.

More information on becoming a sponsor will be available soon.

Meet the Team

Led by CUAVA (The University of Sydney), the Waratah Seed Consortium includes:

  • ACSER (University of NSW)
  • Delta-V Space Hub
  • Macquarie University
  • Saber Astronautics &
  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Contact CUAVA for more information.

Waratah Seed Space Qualification project is an initiative funded by the NSW Government.