ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs & Their Applications

 Centre Personnel

Professor Iver Cairns, Director
Professor Andrew Dempster, Deputy Director
Assoc. Professor Eleanor Bruce, Assistant Deputy Director
Mr Robert Steel, Operations and Research Administration Manager
Dr Xueliang Bai, Training Centre Engineer
Ms Emily Herdman, Administration and Outreach Officer (Waratah Seed mission)
Mr Patrick Oppel, Satellite Systems Engineer (Waratah Seed mission)

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Christopher Betters, Postdoctoral Fellow (Sydney University)
Dr Richard Bowden-Reid, Postdoctoral Fellow (Sydney University)
Dr Joon Wayn Cheong, Postdoctoral Fellow (UNSW)
Dr Kevin Davies, Postdoctoral Fellow (Sydney University)
Dr Youngho Eun, Postdoctoral Fellow (Sydney University)


Ms Shagun Aggarwal, PhD Student (UNSW)
Mr Naif Alsalem, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Joshua Critchley-Marrows, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Jiro Funamoto, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Samuel Garske, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Julian Guinane, MPhil Student (Sydney University)
Mr Yijun Huang, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Ms Alexandra Jones, PhD student (Sydney University)
Ms Savannah McGuirk, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Yiwei Mao, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Quinn Musulin, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Daan van Schijndel, MPhil Student (Sydney University)
Mr James Simpson, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Ms Tejaswi Shinde, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Timothy Snailham, PhD Student (Sydney University)
Mr Zihao Wang, PhD Student (Sydney University)

Chief Investigators

Dr Elias Aboutanios, University of New South Wales
Assoc. Professor Eleanor Bruce, University of Sydney
Professor Iver Cairns, University of Sydney
Dr Ediz Cetin, Macquarie University
Professor Andrew Dempster, University of New South Wales
Adjunct Professor Roy Hughes, University of Sydney
Assoc. Professor Joe Khachan, University of Sydney
Professor Jon Lawrence, Macquarie University
Assoc. Professor Sergio Leon-Saval, University of Sydney
Dr Richard Murphy, University of Sydney
Assoc. Professor KC Wong, University of Sydney
Dr Xiaofeng Wu, University of Sydney

Partner Investigators

Mr Andreas Antoniades, Saber Astronautics
Dr Richard Marshall, Bureau of Meteorology
Assoc. Professor Charles Bachmann, Rochester Institute of Technology
Assoc. Professor Paul Barber, ArborCarbon
Dr Daniel Bongiorno, Defence Science and Technology Group
Professor Gregory Chamitoff, Texas A&M University
Dr Terry Cocks, Hyvista Corporation
Dr Bradley Evans, Defence Science and Technology Group (Maritime)
Dr Jason Held, Saber Astronautics
Dr Weitang Li, Defence Science and Technology Group (NSISR)
Dr David Lingard, Defence Science and Technology Group
Dr David Neudegg, Defence Science and Technology Group

Advisory Board

Dr David Dall (Chair)
Prof. Maryanne Large
Dr Naomi Mathers (Deputy Chair)
Dr Craig Mudge
Prof. Andrew Skidmore
Mr Greg Tyrrell