Project 2.2 Photonic Spectrometers and Hyperspectral Imagers

ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs & Their Applications

The focus of this project is on developing, building, and testing the first fully photonic CubeSat-sized spectrographs and hyperspectral imagers for CubeSats and UAVs, analyse them theoretically and experimentally, with the intention of revolutionising spectroscopic imaging in space.

Project Chief / Partner Investigators:
Sergio Leon-Saval (Sydney – CI); Jon Lawrence (MQ – CI); Iver Cairns (Sydney – CI); Roy Hughes (Sydney – CI); Stephen Carr (DSTG – PI); Daniel Bongiorno (DSTG – PI); Terry Cocks (HyVista – PI); Paul Barber (ArborCarbon – PI)