Project 1.3 Snap-Together, Plug-And-Play, Assembled CubeSats

ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs & Their Applications

The objective of this project is to explore and develop plug-and-play CubeSats and their systems, some of which will have applications to UAVs.; analyse existing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) CubeSat parts, especially their electrical and mechanical connectivity; refine these connections and products, UNSWs 3D-printed CubeSat structure, and USydney’s CubeSat boards; implement plug-and-playsoftware; develop and test initial snap-together plug-and-play CubeSat kits, using external and new components as desired; and commercialise the systems, refining as needed.

Project Chief / Partner Investigators:
Iver Cairns (Sydney – CI); Xiaofeng Wu (Sydney – CI); Andrew Dempster (UNSW – CI); Elias Aboutanios (UNSW – CI); Ediz Cetin (MQ – CI); Andreas Antoniades (Saber Astronautics – PI); Gregory Chamitoff (Texas A&M – PI)