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A ground station is currently being developed in-house at the University of Sydney, in the 2 m and 70 cm bands, which are the comms bands used by our satellite. It is a crossed Yagi antenna with a bladeRF 2.0 software defined radio and an 100W power amplifier, right hand circularly polarized (RHCP), 2-axis tracker controlled by a desktop computer, which will also control the whole system.

CUAVA-1 also has IARU and ITU approval for UHF/VHF frequencies within amateur bands.

This is the latest gr-satellites Out Of Tree (OOT) module which includes the CUAVA-1 flowchart. Amateurs wishing to track the spacecraft beacon using gnuradio running a Software Defined Radio (SDR), should down load and build this OOT module into their gnuradio installation.

OOT module

Downlink frequency: 437.075MHz

Modulation: BPSK-G3RUH

Baud-rate: 9600