New international partnership to deploy Australian CubeSats

ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs & Their Applications

CUAVA has partnered with Japanese space start-up and launch company, Space BD.

In an important step for CUAVA, a new partnership with Space BD Inc. will provide satellite deployment services from the International Space Station for two CUAVA satellites that are under development.

‘CUAVA-1’ is the first satellite being developed by CUAVA, with the purpose to certify advanced communication, remote sensing, GPS, and space environment instruments and provide their data to users on Earth.

“We are excited to announce our first overseas contract for satellite deployment from a fast-growing country with a brand-new space agency, Australia,” said Yuske Taguchi, Senior Manager at Space BD (pictured right).

“Starting with this project, we hope that cooperation in space between the two countries will further advance and strengthen our partnership across the pacific region. Space BD will endeavour to further our contributions to the Australian space industry.”

After being selected as a commercial service provider by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Space BD has experienced rapid growth which has led to their first overseas contract to provide end-to-end launch and deployment services for the two CUAVA satellites.

“Signing this launch contract with Space BD is a crucial and very exciting step forward for CUAVA and all our students and partners,” Professor in Space Physics Iver Cairns said.

“We look forward to a long-term partnership with Space BD and to the CUAVA-1 CubeSat enabling major progress on our research and commercialisation projects.”

Through this partnership, Space BD will contribute to the growth of the booming Australian space industry and further expand their space utilisation services across the globe.

CUAVA and Space BD will launch the partnership at an event on Monday 4 March, 3.30pm. Following the public contact signing, there will be a talk on launch opportunities to the International Space Station.

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