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We are pleased to announce that Professor Iver Cairns, Director of CUAVA and the Waratah Seed Space Qualification Mission has been nominated for two awards at the upcoming Australian Space Awards 2023Academic of the Year and Scientist of the Year.

Professor Iver Cairn’s nominations are presented alongside CUAVA and Waratah Seed associates Anne Bettens (University of Sydney, Deneb Space), Anita Ho-Baillie (University of Sydney, EurokaPower) and start-up EurokaPower, as finalists for the 2023 space awards. 

Academic of the Year
 • Anne Bettens, The University of Sydney, Deneb Space
 • Professor Iver Cairns, The University of Sydney, CUAVA, Waratah Seed
 • Anita Ho-Baillie, The University of Sydney, EurokaPower

Scientist of the Year
 • Professor Iver Cairns, The University of Sydney, CUAVA, Waratah Seed
 • Anita Ho-Baillie, The University of Sydney, EurokaPower

Start-up of the Year
 • Anita Ho-Baillie, EurokaPower

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Australian Space Awards 2023 

The Australian Space Awards is the premier event to honour outstanding individuals and businesses making significant contributions to the space sector. 

The finalist list, which was announced on Monday, 3 April 2023, features over 150 high-achieving professionals across 21 submission-based categories. 

These esteemed awards celebrate the foremost companies and experts in the field of space, acknowledging their exceptional accomplishments over the previous year and their efforts in advancing Australia’s space capabilities. 

Space Connect’s editor, Adam Thorn said:
“The last 12 months have been transformative for our local industry, and all of our nominees were at the forefront of turning Australia’s space sector into a world leader. Huge congratulations to all of those shortlisted.”

Good luck to all the finalists!