CUAVA Student Lincoln Bourke Secures Internship at NASA 

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Congratulations to CUAVA student Lincoln Bourke, who is off to NASA!  

Limilngan and Mudburra man, Lincoln Bourke, an engineering and physics student, will spend 10 weeks at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory exploring how equipment could interact with the surface of other planets. 

First joining CUAVA in 2022, Lincoln Bourke has been chosen as part of the first cohort for the National Indigenous Space Academy (NISA). NISA is based at Monash University and supported by the Australian Space Agency and NASA, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Alongside four other students, Lincoln will engage with mentor led projects while also contributing to significant NASA JPL missions.

 “I decided to apply for the National Indigenous Space Academy for the excellent opportunity it presents to intern overseas at a world-class institution, JPL, and to represent Indigenous people, to show our successes and achievements.” – Lincoln Bourke, for University of Sydney news

Lincoln Bourke. Photo: Monash University

“My project at JPL is on how equipment could interact with the surface of extraterrestrial worlds. Through this I’ll gain technical skills in mechatronics and robotics, but also soft skills such as problem-solving, team work and communication that I can bring back and apply to future work.” – Lincoln Burke

Congratulations to Lincoln – an incredible achievement!

Read more about the opportunity at University of Sydney news and at the National Indigenous Space Academy website.