CUAVA-1 launches to ISS

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CUAVA-1 is in space!

CUAVA-1 successfully launched from Cape Canaveral on Sunday 29 August 2021 aboard a Space-X Falcon 9 SpX-23 rocket.  Initially scheduled for launch on the previous day, the original launch was postponed 15 minutes before countdown due to unfavourable weather conditions.

The Space-X Cargo Dragon module carrying CUAVA-1 docked with the International Space Station on  August 30.  CUAVA-1 is now on board the ISS awaiting deployment into orbit in October 2021.

The CUAVA team held a launch webinar to celebrate this achievement.  You can view both the original webinar and the reboot webinar from the following day below.

Launch Presentation - 28 Aug

Panel Q&A - 28 Aug

Launch Reboot - 29 Aug

SpX-23 launch footage