Congratulations to CUAVA Prize Winners!

ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs & Their Applications

CUAVA congratulates PhD student Naif Alsalem, who won 1st Prize this week in the Engineering and Science track at the 7th Saudi Scientific Symposium, Sydney, for his presentation of the development and applications of the RedEye-1 infrared imaging instrument, highlighting the role of the CUAVA and SAIL labs in developing space-based, UAV, and aerial instruments.

Congratulations also to winners at the Australian Space Research Conference in September.
CUAVA student Vanathy Arudselvan won 1st Prize for Best Undergraduate Presentation, speaking on ‘Effects of space weather on the CUAVA-1 CubeSat orbit’, and William Trevett, also from the University of Sydney, won 1st Prize for Best Student Poster for ‘Statistical Investigation of Langmuir Waves in the Solar Wind’.